About RCI

RCI is the worldwide leader in vacation exchange with nearly 4,500 affiliated resorts in more than 100 countries. RCI pioneered the concept of vacation exchange in 1974, offering members increased flexibility and versatility with their vacation ownership experience.

Today, RCI provides flexible vacation options to its approximately 3.7 million RCI subscribing members each year through RCI Weeks®, the week-for-week exchange system.

- Cruise Holidays

Great savings on select cruise holidays with member-only special rates and exciting itineraries from partner Cruise Liners.

- GetAway Specials (Bonus Holidays)

From time to time RCI offers its members the opportunity to take bonus holidays for a special fee without having to exchange their deposited week.

- Split-Week Specials

Split your holiday week and take two short holidays instead of one, at select RCI affiliated resorts.

- Gift your vacation

You can gift vacations to your family and friends by obtaining a “Guest Certificate”.

For more details visit: www.rci.com