Club Ambarsar

Situated within the premises, Club Ambarsar is the experience hub of G2G Amritsar. With three high-end restaurants and a lounge & bar, it is the perfect venue for an exclusive “Wine and Dine” experience, a place where you and your loved ones can bond over great delicacies.

Apart from great food and drinks, the Club also offers you a wide range of sports facilities like Tennis, Squash, Table Tennis, Bowling and much more, along with a state-of-the-art Gymnasium housing the best equipment and trainers.

To ensure your relaxation and rejuvenation after a tiring night of spiritual service and travel in and around the city, G2G Amritsar also houses a premium SPA Facility at the Club to reinvigorate and revitalize you, and gear you up for the next night with you and your family.

Apart from these facilities, the Club also houses a 27,000 sq. ft. Banquet Hall “Magnus” which can be portioned into three smaller halls for family events, marriages, corporate events etc. The banquet is also equipped with first class event facilities and supportive services to cater to any kind of event. Yes indeed it will be a best place for “Destination Weddings and Events”.


Experience the finest quality and most exquisitely prepared Indian and Continental Cuisine at the Club. Coming from rich and diverse culinary background our expert chefs will carefully craft a menu which will offer a combination of traditional favorites as well as flavorsome seasonal specialties, created with a touch of love, using fresh & locally sourced ingredients.

In addition to that, a list of exquisite drinks have been put together to compliment the flavors of our food. Here, you can always be assured that your taste buds are in for a treat.

The restaurants warm interior comprises of a private dining room and bar area so you can join us for an intimate dinner for two, casual drink with friends or for a significant occasion. Overall, dining at the Club Ambarsar promises to be a culinary experience you won’t easily forget and we look forward to welcoming you soon!


Bond with your loved ones over playful moments at Club Ambarsar. With exclusive facilities for a wide range of indoor sports like Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Table Tennis, Snooker Billiards and many more, the atmosphere here at the Club exudes energy and excitement 24/7.

In addition to this there is an All - Weather Infinity Edge Swimming Pool which will help you beat the heat of Amritsar Summers. You can well imagine the experience of immersing yourself in hot waters of this very swimming pool during winters. This will surely provide you an unparalleled experience.

With a state-of-the-art Gym and qualified trainers, we would make sure that your fitness routine stays undisturbed even when you’re on an extended holiday. Relaxation after tiring sessions of games and exercise is equally important, and to make sure you’re revitalized, the pool and the spa here at the club provides the perfect respite.


It has always been the Club’s endeavor to give its patrons the destination experience within the premises. With “Magnus”, which is one of the largest banquet halls in the entire city, the Club will be home to many events, shows, weddings and exhibitions that will make the evenings at the hotel more enjoyable. In addition to this there are smaller halls and kitty rooms for you to organize your own events and spend evenings as you please.

Magnus Banquet

The “Magnus” Banquet will be one of the largest banquets in Punjab. Sprawling over 27,000 sq. ft. with spill over gardens, the banquet can be partitioned into three smaller halls. Whether you are planning a wedding, family function, workshop, conference, or an event the Magnus Banquet promises to meet all your individual and corporate needs. By providing not only first class event facilities, but also the supportive services, the experience at “Magnus” will always resonate with you. With special provisions to help you to organize special theme evenings and group activities, “Magnus” will be like no other banquet you have experienced before.