what is G2G?

Conceived out of the need for national and international travelers, who want to stay connected to their faith and offer Sewa and Service at the Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab, the G2G Holidays (abbreviation for Generation To Generation) Membership will facilitate yearly travel for such people in its flagship 5 star property G2G Amritsar.

The G2G Membership is an exclusive Timeshare Membership for such spiritually inclined travellers headed for Amritsar. Some of the features of our membership are:

  • Our Offering

    1113 Timeshare Suites with 5 Star Facilities and Amenities

  • Your Entitlement

    Timeshare Membership facilitating stay for 7 nights each year for the next 27 years.

  • Alternate Arrangement

    Members get an alternate accommodation in one of the available 5 Star Hotels in Amritsar, till the project is operational

  • RCI Vacation Exchange

    Free RCI Membership for 27 years, with flexibility to choose from 4500 RCI affiliated Resorts across the Globe in over 100 Countries

  • Accrued and Advance Holidays

    Members also have an option to advance their entitlement by another week or accumulate holiday weeks for up to 3 years

  • Split Week Option

    Members can split their week into 3 nights and 4 nights, or any other variation, with flexibility to visit anytime during the year subject to availability.

  • Vacation for Generations

    Members can also transfer the membership to their family members down the generation, making it transcend present and future generations.

  • Free Access to Club Ambarsar

    Members also get free access to the World Class “Ambarsar City Club”, which is spread across more than approx. 190,000 Sq.Ft. and is equipped with all modern amenities

  • Access to Magnus Banquet

    Members also get access to one of the largest indoor banquets in Punjab, “Magnus” Banquet to plan their Weddings, Family Functions, Workshops, Conferences, or Events

  • Free Shuttle Service

    Members will be provided free shuttle service to Golden Temple

  • Religious Circuit Planning Services

    Concierge Services available for planning visits to Panj Takht and religious locations in and around Amritsar

  • Easy Cancellation

    Members are entitled to cancel their enrolment as per the terms and conditions of the Membership

All About membership

Members must first choose their accommodation type, ranging from a Studio Suite, 1 BR Suite to a 2 BR Suite based on number of occupants they plan to vacation with.

Then, with four holiday quarters to choose from, the G2G Members can decide the time of the year, which works best for them to avail their 7-night visit at the G2G Amritsar. These 7 nights can further be split into 3 nights and 4 nights, in case one wishes to visit twice a year. A member can also stay for 14 nights at a stretch by exhausting 2 years of vacation in one go. Membership will be governed by G2G Membership Rules.


Members can travel during any of the four Quarters during each year for 27 years.

  • - Q1. For members who prefer to travel during January, February or March, Q1 is the perfect choice to match their holidaying pattern.
  • - Q2. For members who wish to holiday during April, May or June, Q2 should be their ideal pick.
  • - Q3. For members who prefer traveling during July, August or September, Q3 is the perfect choice to match their traveling pattern.
  • - Q4. For members who prefer holidaying during October, November or December, Q4 is the ideal choice.

Changes in accommodation type and visits in seasons not opted for, may have additional charges. Please make sure you book your travel with us via telephone or website at least 15 nights prior to your visit.

Why G2g holidays?

G2G Membership Benefits

G2G Membership is a great way to have a vacation home to use each year without having to pay exorbitant amounts on hotel stays otherwise. It gives you lifetime benefits like:

Blessings for Generations

Although this is not true for all Timeshare Membership, but with G2G Holidays you can transfer your membership to your next Generation free of cost. Moreover, the membership, after the primary member, will automatically be inherited by the next generation as per the will of the primary member. Therefore, with the unique feature of being able to pass on the membership down the generation; it is a true gift from older generations to the younger ones to stay connected to their roots, heritage and culture.

G2G Holidays will offer you a holiday for 7 nights a year for 27 years in a Suite offering 5 Star facilities with the added advantage of a free RCI Gold Membership for 27 years. Further, the number of persons allowed to stay in the G2G Amritsar Suite will also be more than the number of persons allowed to stay in any other Hotel room. Unlike other Timeshare Memberships, G2G Holidays comes with access to a World Class Club which would be the Experience Hub of the Project with absolutely no Annual Maintenance Charges.

Hedge against Inflation Costs

The cost of staying in a hotel is significantly subject to inflation and increases over time. G2G Membership gets you out of the cycle of increasing rates for nightly stays because you pay for all your nights in advance when you purchase the G2G Membership. As a member, you will get to use it every year for the next 27 years, and you won't have to pay increasingly more for it, even though the hotel rates continue to increase.

This offering is unparalleled in the Timeshare Industry.

Destination Amritsar

Punjab, the land of five rivers is known to be ‘India's bread-basket’. It has also been aptly called the ‘sword-arm of India’ and has been the birthplace of one of the most dynamic. Punjab is a state in northwestern India. Chandigarh is its capital and the language spoken is Punjabi or Gurmukhi. Punjab is dotted with historic sites, palaces, battle fields and great architectural marvels of the Sikhs. The ruins of Indus valley civilization lie in the state with Architectural monuments prominent in the districts. The state is the largest provider of wheat in India, with agriculture being its largest industrial sector. Other industries include water meter, scientific instruments, machine tools, textiles, garments, bicycles, financial services and tourism.The state has many luxury international hotels and is visited by a lot of tourists from all over the world. Punjab has an array of cultural elements which are very colorful. Bhangra, Music and Punjabi poetry are glorified and widely popular across the Indian states. The Folk tales are famous in Punjab as well. Some of the famous tales are those of HeerRanjha, MirzaSahiban, SohniMhiwal find a place in the hearts of many lovers of all generation.

Amritsar is home to the Golden Temple, which is visited by scores of tourists each year. It is reported that the Golden Temple attracts more tourists than the TajMahal. Harmandir Sahib is touted to be one of the most peaceful and well-structured spiritual places in the world. The foundation of Harmandir Sahib was laid by PirMian Mir of Lahore and later came to be known as the Golden Temple after Maharaja Ranjit Singh rebuilt it, after its destruction by Ahmed Shah Abdali. The structure is embellished with marble, copper and gold leaf. Taking a spiritual dip in the AmritSarovar Lakeis a must. Punjab, "the Land of Granary”, offers a vast gallery of attractions to anyone visiting the place. This fertile land of Punjab is gradually growing as one of the best tourist spots of the country.

SOURCE : mapsofindia.com

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